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The purpose of the call is to stimulate the submission of realistic ideas for innovative utilisation of space services and technologies such as Satellite Communications, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Human Spaceflight technologies within non-space markets such as transport, energy, health, agriculture, environment, safety, etc...

The available grant per Project is up to 25.000 Euro in a co-funding basis up to 50% of the Total Project Cost. To submit your proposal in 2020, consider the deadlines of April 22nd and November 11th (23:59 GMT, Lisbon time zone) and the documents presented bellow. All proposals should be sent by email to .

SPARK 4 Business Invitation to Tender
SPARK 4 Business Conditions to Tender and Management Requirements
GDPR Compliance Template
SPARK 4 Business Draft Contract
SPARK 4 Business Project Submission Form


The general objective of the call is to promote the use of space technologies from ESA Member States and Associate States, involving Portuguese industry, within non-space. The call aims to finance Technology Transfer Proof of Concepts in order to prove the relevance of a technology/know-how for another technology field as well as reduce the technical risk and confirm the market opportunity.


ESA supports the development, validation and demonstration of viable operational applications and services, relying on space systems and having the objective to establish sustainable operational solutions, through two funding programmes: ARTES IAP (Integrated Applications Promotion) and ARTES SATCOM APPS (Satellite Telecommunications Applications). Proposals can be submitted in response to Open Competition issued by ESA on specific subjects (fully funded by ESA) or at your own initiative through Direct Negotiation (50% funded by ESA).

In addition, the Kick-start Activity is an ESA’s new funding scheme to support financially activities up to 75% (max. €60,000) within specific thematic calls. They are designed to be particularly interesting for SMEs and start-ups looking for opportunities to develop their ideas for new business applications. Kick-start Activities are designated to enable companies to undertake compact Feasibility Studies that explore new service and application concepts which make use of space capabilities. Successful Kick-start Activities can be further developed into commercially-viable businesses with follow-up support from ESA Business Applications in the form of a Demonstration Project.

Depending on the level of maturity of your project, ESA programmes offer different funding schemes. If you need any assistance to prepare your proposal, as Portuguese Ambassador of the ESA Business Application, do not hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to help you!

Conditions to submit application to ESA Business Applications in Portugal