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What a great 4th anniversary celebration!
Photo by IPN

Our 4th anniversary celebration was a 2-day event, held at IPN's premisses, in Coimbra, on December the 20th and 21st.

We had not only the presence of ESA General Director, but also of our Minister of Science and Technology, as well as other high-standard speakers and amazing demo corners showcasing great examples of downstream applications of space technology and data.

We had Active Space Technologies, Active Space Aerogels, Active Space Automation, D-Orbit Portugal, Matereo Space, Delox, PavNext, SpaceLayer Technologies, GreenFika, Bee Very Creative, Kinetikos, DEIMOS, iTrack Solutions, among other companies also represented between speakers and attendees.

The 2018 newcomers PavNext, iTrack Solutions, GreenFika, Delox, Kinetikos, mOceanSense and FireFly were presented to the networ.
We all celebrated the lauching of other grown up start-ups that are now alumni from the ESA BIC PT: Bluecover, inano Energy, Connect Robotics, Matereo Space, Waterdog Mobile and Stratio Automotive.
Further Small ARTES Apps project from 2017 GOSAFE, from SpaceLayer Technologies was introduced to the newtork too.

But we had more! We also looked forward to the future and we discussed on detail New Space & Atlantic Launch Services, as well as Space for Education & Developing Capabilities for Space within International partnerships. The pharma door was opened to the Space Rider mission and the last but not least panel on Future markets powered by Space was also highly interactive between speakers and attendees.

Thank you all for attending our anniversary, and stay tuned for new year's edition.

To know more about the event, you can see it again from our streaming on the following links:
20th Dec:
21st Dec: