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Portuguese teams win Copernicus Masters challanges, again in 2018!
Photo by Copernicus Masters

After the 2017 edition of the Copernicus Masters, the "Space Oscars", in which Spacelayer Technologies, an alumni form ESA BIC Portugal, won the Governance challenge, in 2018, 2 Portuguese start-ups win different challenges.

#1. CybELE @ Copernicus B2B Challenge
"Making Business Above Profit"
CybELE aims to use satellite data to empower experts, especially in the private sector (law firms and insurance), with the management of their legal environmental cases. The global cost of environmental criminality has been estimated to be USD between 91 and 258 billion in 2016.
CybELE provides quick access to reports of these crimes that include an analysis of satellite data from Sentinels-1, -2, -3 and -5 depending on the case. These reports are drafted to be presented in the frame of judicial proceedings like litigation or dispute settlement. They constitute a crucial evidential basis to prove infringement of environmental laws or assess the cost of environmental damages.

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#2. @ Planet Daily Change Challenge
"Forest Health Monitoring using AI and Satellites"
This solution leverages the latest advancements in satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to monitor forest health and threats, like drought, insect plagues, and other forest disturbances. Accurate, timely insights will help forest industry companies and governments to act and protect forests around the world via our intuitive dashboard. This solution uses Planet and Sentinel data. This unique combination provides daily updates, multispectral, hyperspectral images and weather independent SAR to extract complex patterns.

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Congratulations to both teams!