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Pulp & Paper Call
Photo by ESA BA

ESA Business Applications is supporting Pulp & Paper sector!

To know more about the funding opportunity (60k for feasibility 6 month projects) register for the webinar that will take place on August 16th:

Targeted topics benefiting from space-based technology include for example: ????
- Improved Pulp Logistics: supporting value chain of pulp products starting from sourcing raw material;
- Cleaner Pulp Production: Supporting measurement and monitoring of air (e.g. the target of CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries) is an 80% CO2 emission reduction pathway in 2050) and water quality.?
- Support Paper Forest Management: Trees raised for pulp production (plantations) and regular tree maintenance (in European municipal woods for example) provide a significant percentage of pulp mills inputs.

Instituto Pedro Nunes as national Ambassador is supporting Portuguese companies presenting proposals!