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Space for Sanitation Feasibility Call
Photo by ESA BA

The Sanitation Economy monetises toilet provision, products and services, biological resources, data and information to provide benefits across the economy and society. Sanitation market requirements relevant to the study belongs to three distinct, mutually supporting sub-economies:

- Smart Sanitation Economy, which builds on the sanitation infrastructure to provide health information insights. This approach entails the installation of smart sensors into toilets and sewage systems to provide rapid data collection and analysis of health indicators.

- Circular Sanitation Economy deals with the cost-effective reutilisation of human waste, together with other biological waste, to produce a wide range of products, such as: agricultural products, energy, water, protein, etc.

- Toilet Economy, which is related to the provision of basic sanitation services (i.e.: community and household toilets) for low-income countries; this mainly focuses on toilet construction, operation, maintenance and cleaning.

We are looking for a network of technology and business partners that can deliver sustainable services for sanitation in low-income countries in the areas of Circular Sanitation Economy and Smart Sanitation Economy in particular.

Motivation, business experience and domain expertise are key.

But most importantly of all, we want to hear business ideas that are economically viable, technically possible and involve either space tech or data; such as satellite Earth observation, satellite navigation, satellite communications, spaceflight technologies.

OPENING DATE: 01 September 2018
CLOSING DATE: 31 October 2018

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