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InanoEnergy wons prize from the Repsol General Foundation
Photo by Fundation Repsol

The startup business idea was one of the 4 chosen to integrate the accelerator of the Repsol Foundation.

The idea for contest was autonomous microgenerators that use the residual energy to generate electricity, especially to feed the sensors that monitor the pipe networks in industrial installations.

InanoEnergy, backed by the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Portugal, develops tailor-made, lightweight and flexible micro and nano-generators capable of converting waste electrical energy into electricity. The solution created by InanoE makes it possible to take advantage of the heat and movement of the user body to power mobile phones and small electronic devices (tablets, iPods, health monitors, etc.).

Selected from 354 projects, InanoE was part of the range of 4 business ideas that will receive 2,000 euros per month for 12 months. In addition to financial support, InanoE's award includes technical and legal support, access to a network of potential investors and mentoring during the acceleration phase of the project.

The business accelerator of the Repsol Foundation, launched six years ago, aims to support the most innovative projects in energy and mobility, with the aim of reaching the market as soon as possible

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