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Pitching for Investors - workshop for entrepreneurs with space!
Photo by ESA BIC Portugal

It was on the 4th and 5th of May that the o "Pitching for Investors 2017" workshop took place in the IPN, conducted by Rick Salmon.

Within the scope of the ESA BIC Portugal program and the Regional project to foster entrepreneurship and help startups using space technology to raise funds and foster their skills in "investment readiness", IPN promoted a workshop to thought entrepreneurs to communicate a business idea effectively, in a short period of time.

Rick Salmon is an American communication specialist working with both entrepreneurs and with extensive experience as a corporate leader. He was also one of the winners of the prestigious European Venture Pitching Contest, in 2009. He co-founded several successful technology companies. Rick also led innovation and leadership development programs for clients such as the European Space Agency, Walt Disney Corporation, ESPN Sports, and others.

This initiative was aimed to a few entrepreneurs involved in startups from the ESA Incubation Center in Portugal. This project is co-financed by Centro2020, Portugal 2020 and European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.


Nos passados dias 4 e 5 de Maio, o IPN promoveu o workshop "Pitching for Investors 2017", conduzido por Rick Salmon, no âmbito do programa ESA BIC Portugal.

Este workshop, dirigido a jovens empreendedores visou ajuda-los a comunicar a ideia de negócio, com base numa tecnologia espacial, de forma eficaz e num curto espaço de tempo. Os empreendedores do espaço que participaram neste workshop ficaram assim melhor preparados para angariar fundos, promovendo as suas competências na "preparação para o investimento".

Rick Salmon é especialista em comunicação, tanto junto de empreendedores como com vasta experiência no mundo corporativo. Foi em 2009 um dos vencedores do prestigiado European Venture Pitching Contest. Co-fundou várias empresas de tecnologia de sucesso, promovendo e orientando programas de desenvolvimento de liderança e inovação para a Agência Espacial Europeia, Walt Disney Corporation, ESPN Sports, entre outros.

Esta iniciativa destinou-se apenas a alguns empreendedores no espaço, promotores de startups do Centro de Incubação da ESA BIC Portugal. Este projecto é co-financiado pelo Centro2020, Portugal 2020 e pela União Europeia através do Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional.