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Investment Readiness Training by Rick Salmon @ ESA BIC Portugal
Photo by Rick Salmon

With the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) and in the scope of the activities of ESA Business Incubation Centre in Portugal (ESA BIC Portugal), IPN
will host an "Investment Readiness Training" facilitated by Rick Salmon.

Message by Rick:
"If you are an early-­stage entrepreneur who will either need funding now or in the future, then you will need help. You can try to figure it out on your own or you can learn from people who have already done this successfully. To succeed you will need to work your own network and you will need to tap into other people’s networks. You will also need some special communication skills if you are going to be able to connect quickly, make a lasting good first impression and then be able to persuade investors to support your company’s growth. If you have a sense of urgency about this, then you cannot afford to wait or leave this to chance. Many entrepreneurs fail because they don’t get the help they need at the time that they need it most. Take advantage of a unique offer. The Investment Readiness Programme (IRP) has been designed to quickly and effectively teach you some of the tools necessary in order to obtain funding and grow your business. Great entrepreneurs are usually serial entrepreneurs. They learn the rules of the game and they are most often successful in raising capital again and again. Wouldn’t you like to learn some of these skills? The IRP will provide you with the opportunity to learn and to benefit from other’s experience and networks.

My name is Rick Salmon and I will be your facilitator and the leader for this exciting programme. I am an experienced serial entrepreneur and have built a number of successful technology startup companies over the past 20 years. The ESA Investment Readiness Programme offers the very best of what I have learned as an entrepreneur. When clients retain me as a startup consultant they’re actually paying for two basic things, experience and innovation. Experience can be gained in only two ways, through one’s own situations or by learning about other’s situations. Innovation however, is a method of thinking. During the Investment Readiness Programme I want to share from my own experiences and perhaps bring in other special guests and experts who will share from their own experience. I will attempt to help the participants to become more innovative thinkers in approaching their own startup situations. I encourage you to join this exciting Programme. I will take-?on the personal challenge of doing whatever I can to discover how to help you and how to make your company succeed."

The training targets ESA BIC Portugal startups and intends to generate important benefits for the entrepreneurs: get the business ready for investors and customers; clarify the company’s Unique Selling Proposition; learn to communicate your value in a brief but powerful way; create a 15-­second elevator pitch for power/speed networking; prepare, present and perfect an 8-­minute investor presentation; learn how to speed-­up your overall business development cycle.