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3rd ESA Workshop on Advanced Flexible Telecom Payloads, ESTEC, NL

stablished in 2008, the Workshop is a unique event aimed at presenting and discussing the latest technical and technological advances in satellite communications payloads with on board flexibility capabilities.

The Workshop will address different aspects of on board payload flexibility at coverage, connectivity, channelisation and EIRP level with the objective to examine key system/payload architectures and related technologies that will allow a power, mass and cost effective implementation of future advanced satellite communications missions.

Papers and presentations will cover different technical and technological elements related to the implementation of future flexible telecom payloads and systems, including:
- Systems, applications and operators’ needs of flexible/generic payloads
- Flexible Payload and System architectures
- Flexibility for Large Constellations
- Payload flexibility for dual-use and hosted payloads applications
- Flexibility for interference management
- Flexible RF power generation and output sections (e.g. flex-TWTA,
Multiport Amplifiers, etc.)
- Reconfigurable antennas (active and passive)
- Digital on board processors and related technologies
- Tunable frequency converters
- Analogue (including optical) processor equipment and technologies
- Reconfigurable Filters, RF Switches and Switching Matrices
- Payload Photonic Opportunities
- Flexible Payload/System analysis, simulation and optimisation tools

Workshop registration is open to worldwide satcom stakeholders, including operators, manufacturers, research institutions and universities.

More information on the workshop is available at the event website: