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Waste Management / Biomass Energy 19 Jan 2016

ESA and KTN are co-organising a half day workshop at ECSAT in Harwell on 19 January 2016 in order to identify the relevant challenge areas in Waste Management. The workshop will give an overview of the ESA IAP programme, and provide information on UK and European waste management issues. Groups will then work together in order to identify challenges in one of three main areas:

Commercial / Industrial / Domestic waste.
Biomass / Anaerobic digestion.
Landfill and illegal waste disposal.
Cross-cutting topics such as Logistics / Transport and Legislative drivers will also be addressed.

In order to register and view the draft Agenda, please use the following link

In case of any problems, you may also register by sending an email to Lis Broome, KTN Knowledge Transfer Manager at

Please note that as this workshop is primarily aimed at Users, participants are not expected to be knowledgeable about the capabilities of satellite technology. It is intended that this workshop will lead to the development through ESA’s IAP programme of one or more space-based services.

Event link: